Making a diy rattan bedside table instruction
Making a DIY rattan bedside table can be a fun and rewarding project. Here's a basic guide to help you get started. Keep in mind that the specific measurements and details may vary based on your preferences, so feel free to adjust accordingly.
  1. Rattan sheets or rattan webbing
  2. Plywood or MDF board
  3. Wood screws
  4. Wood glue
  5. Saw
  6. Sandpaper
  7. Stain or paint (optional)
  8. Varnish or clear sealant (optional)
  9. Screwdriver
  10. Ruler or measuring tape
  11. Pencil


  1. Design Planning:
    • Decide on the dimensions of your bedside table. Consider the height, width, and depth based on your specific needs.
    • Sketch a simple design, keeping in mind the incorporation of rattan elements.

  2. Cutting the Wood:
    • Using a saw, cut the plywood or MDF board according to your design. You'll need a top piece for the table surface and four pieces for the sides.

  3. Assembly:
    • Assemble the basic frame by attaching the four side pieces to the top piece. Use wood glue and wood screws to secure them together.
    • Ensure that the frame is sturdy and square by checking the angles.

  4. Adding Rattan:
    • Measure the dimensions of each side of the frame.
    • Cut the rattan sheets or webbing to fit these dimensions. You can use a utility knife or scissors for cutting.
    • Attach the rattan to the sides of the frame using wood glue. Apply the glue evenly and press the rattan onto the glued surface. Allow it to dry thoroughly.
    • Trim any excess rattan that extends beyond the edges of the frame.

  5. Finishing:
    • Sand the edges and surfaces of the table to smooth out any rough areas.
    • If desired, stain or paint the wood to your preferred color. Allow it to dry completely.
    • Apply a varnish or clear sealant to protect the wood and give it a finished look.

  6. Optional Enhancements:
    • Consider adding a shelf or drawer for extra storage, depending on your design.
    • Attach furniture gliders or small legs to raise the table slightly off the floor.

  7. Final Touches:
    • Once everything is dry and assembled, give your DIY rattan bedside table a final inspection to ensure stability and quality.

Remember to wear appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses and gloves, when working with tools and materials. Additionally, follow any safety guidelines provided by the manufacturers of the products you use.
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